Job Openings

Employment TypeCareer Employment,
Part-time Staff (with possibility of promotion to full-time),
Contract Work
Positions AvailableProducer(New and existing sales, planning, and more)
Live Streaming Project Manager(Managing projects, setting up equipment, and operating live streams)
Video Editing Staff(Editing videos using Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, etc.)
Web Production Staff (Web design, coding, direction)
Production and On-site Assistant(Working on shooting locations, events, etc.)
Ideal Candidates
Friendly individuals with strong communication skillsThose who enjoy marketing (promotions and advertising), and value brand and identity
No experience necessary, must be in good health
Those who have experience working with video production, advertising, or events
Work LocationTokyo, Japan
〒160-0022 10F Ebisu Business Tower, 1-19-19 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
*Varies depending on job site and position

Osaka, Japan
〒541-0047 Daini Kaji building 202, 3-4-1 Awajimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan
*Varies depending on job site and position
Working Hours10:00 AM to 7:00 PM Japan Standard Time (1-hour break)
*Varies depending on job site and position

Updated on April 1, 2023